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Extended Disclaimer for Derutive Forde Primero and Derutive Insights Consulting

Separate and Distinct Entities:

Derutive Forde Primero (DFP) and Derutive Insights Consulting (DIC) are two separate and legally distinct entities. They operate independently, with their own management, governance structures, and financial responsibilities. Neither DFP nor DIC can bind or obligate the other in any way, nor can they be held liable for the acts or omissions of each other.

Nature of DFP:

While DFP is not a holding company, it does maintain a close affiliation with DIC. This affiliation may manifest in various forms, including:

  • Shared strategic vision and collaboration on specific projects: Both DFP and DIC may collaborate on initiatives that align with their shared vision and expertise.

  • Cross-promotion and resource sharing: DFP and DIC may leverage each other's strengths and resources to support their respective activities. This could involve cross-promotion of services, sharing of knowledge and expertise, or joint participation in industry events.

  • Common ownership or board representation: There may be overlapping ownership interests or board representation between DFP and DIC, further solidifying the connection between the two entities.

Independent Client Relationships:

Despite the affiliation, DFP does not directly provide consulting services to clients. DIC operates as a separate entity with its own client base and service offerings. Any interactions with clients will be solely through DIC and under its own terms and conditions.

Transparency and Communication:

DFP and DIC are committed to maintaining transparency and clear communication with all stakeholders regarding their distinct roles and responsibilities. This disclaimer serves as a formal statement of their separate identities and aims to prevent any confusion or misinterpretations.

Disclaimer Subject to Change:

This disclaimer is subject to change without prior notice. Both DFP and DIC reserve the right to update this document at any time to reflect changes in their respective operations, the nature of their affiliation, or other relevant factors.

Contact Information:

For further information or clarification regarding DFP and DIC, please contact the respective entities directly:

PT. Derutive Insights Consulting: hi@derutiveinsights.com

PT. Derutive Forde Primero: hi@derutive.id

This extended disclaimer provides additional details about the nature of the affiliation between DFP and DIC while emphasizing their independent legal identities and operational responsibilities. Remember to update the contact information with the appropriate details for each entity.