Driving Strategic Transformation: Derutive Insights Consulting Case Study

Building a TikTok Influencer Brand: A Case Study with Derutive Insights Consulting

a person wearing headphones sitting in front of a computer
a person wearing headphones sitting in front of a computer


A young and aspiring TikTok influencer, approached Derutive Insights Consulting with a challenge: he wanted to build a strong brand identity and attract a loyal following on the platform. His goal was to create engaging and fun content that would make people laugh, but he lacked a clear content strategy and direction.


Derutive Insights Consulting took a data-driven approach to understand hisaudience and their preferences. We conducted the following steps:

  • Audience Analysis: We analyzed his existing follower demographics, interests, and engagement patterns. This helped us identify the types of content that resonated best with his audience.

  • Trend Research: We researched current and emerging trends on TikTok, focusing on humor and entertainment. This provided Derutive with fresh ideas and inspiration for his content.

  • Content Experimentation: We developed and tested different content formats, including short skits, challenges, parodies, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into his life. We tracked the performance of each format to see what resonated best with the audience.

  • Engagement Strategies: We developed strategies to encourage audience interaction, such as hosting Q&A sessions, responding to comments, and running contests.


Through our analysis and experimentation, we gained several key insights:

  • Authenticity is Key: His genuine personality and humor were his biggest assets. Content that showcased his natural charisma and comedic timing performed the best.

  • Trendjacking is Effective: Leveraging trending sounds, pointing to common issue problems, helped him reach a wider audience and increase engagement.

  • Consistency is Crucial: Posting consistently and maintaining a regular upload schedule was essential for keeping the audience engaged and coming back for more.

  • Community Matters: Fostering a sense of community through interaction with followers strengthened his brand and built loyalty.


By implementing these insights, Derutive saw a significant improvement in his TikTok performance:

  • Increased Follower Growth: His follower base grew by 30% within 3 months of implementing the new content strategy.

  • Enhanced Engagement: His average video views and likes doubled, and he received a consistent stream of comments and messages from his followers.

  • Brand Recognition: His unique style and humor started to gain recognition, leading to collaboration opportunities with brands and other creators, and engaged with one of the hottest KOL Management Agency in Indonesia


This case study demonstrates the power of data-driven insights in building a successful TikTok influencer brand. By understanding his audience, experimenting with different content formats, and fostering a strong community, Derutive was able to achieve his goals of creating engaging content, making people laugh, and building a loyal following on TikTok.

We had the pleasure of working with Derutive Insights for our company's branding consulting needs, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. From the outset, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and business challenges.

Davis Renada Anggara, in Media Production & Broadcasting Industry

Happy clients

”From the initial consultation, it was clear that Derutive Insights was invested in understanding our unique challenges. Their team conducted a thorough analysis of our industry landscape, providing us with valuable insights that formed the foundation of a robust strategy.”

Malvin Nathaniel, in Media Production & Broadcasting Industry

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